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Making the decision to seek recovery can be difficult. The Parkman Recovery staff is here for you every step of your journey.

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Individualized Treatment Plan
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Treatment Overview

At Parkman Recovery Center, we utilize an evidenced-based addiction treatment model.

Each client at Parkman Recovery Center receives a thorough clinical/medical assessment with a qualified professional prior to engaging in services. Based on an evaluation of symptoms, history, at-home support system and additional factors, an individualized treatment plan is developed to address varying needs.

We guide clients through the recovery process with a continuum of care that includes detox and intensive extended treatment.



During Parkman Recovery Center’s physician-supervised detox, the body is cleansed of mood-altering substances. In this phase of care, clients become medically stable and regain their energy, which enables them to fully engage in treatment with renewed focus and clarity. Clients engaged in detox receive:

  • 24/7 care by experienced medical staff
  • Access to licensed counselors
  • Proper rest and nutrition to restore health and energy
  • Safe and comfortable withdrawal management
  • An introduction to treatment activities, such as group counseling and 12-step recovery meetings

Extended Care Treatment

At Parkman Recovery Center, we understand effective treatment is not “one size fits all.” That’s why we tailor our evidence-based addiction services to each client’s specific needs. Our immersive inpatient recovery experience includes a variety of daily programming delivered in a nurturing, supportive, safe and comfortable environment.

Our highly-qualified treatment team empowers clients with the confidence and tools needed to achieve long-term sobriety through services such as:

  • Individual counseling to identify behavioral patterns and triggers contributing to addiction
  • Family counseling to uncover and address the family dynamic as it relates to addiction
  • Group counseling that provides encouragement, understanding and peer support
  • Case management for life skills training, assistance with goal setting and linkage with community resources
  • Psychoeducation for a better understanding of substance use disorders
  • Relapse prevention to identify and prevent potential high-risk situations
  • 12-step recovery meetings that provide the foundation for a consistent program of action
  • Crisis intervention, when needed

All Male Evening IOP

“Continued support and accountability are the cornerstones of recovery success. Our Evening IOP can place you on the path to reclaim control of your life and embrace a future where recovery and routines can coexist. The result is you thrive. We offer a wide spectrum of support as you transition through your recovery. The best part is it doesn’t matter where you currently find yourself. Whether you just left our intensive care or another recovery facility, or you are new to realizing you need support, or anywhere in between, our Evening IOP can assist you every step of the way.”

- Jeanette Singleton,
Program Manager

Program Details:

  • 12 week program
  • 3 evenings per week from 5:30pm-8:30pm
  • Males only
  • Call us today to learn if this is right for you at (330)787-0955

The Bridge

Honoring all paths to recovery, Parkman Recovery Center now offers The Bridge – an Inpatient Medication Assisted Treatment Program based on the 12 steps of recovery. Under the strict supervision of our Medical Director, certified in Addiction Medicine, and licensed clinical counselors, The Bridge will assist clients with chronic relapse experiences.

  • Individualized assessment to determine eligibility for program participation
  • Low dosage medically assisted pharmacotherapies
  • Medication secured and administered by licensed nursing staff
  • Phased clinical programming that includes a flexible continuum of care
  • 30-60-90-day inpatient residential/extended care programming - based on the 12 steps

One Goal. Two Paths

  • Path #1: Option of discontinuing medication-assisted treatment before leaving treatment center through a safe and comfortable taper.
  • Path #2: Referral for short-term maintenance with continued engagement in outpatient treatment also available

Coverage Options

Regardless of whether you have health insurance, there's a multitude of options available to help cover costs. At Parkman Recovery, we accept Medicaid, select private insurance, and self-pay.

Still Have Questions?

  • What types of addiction does Parkman Recovery Center treat?
  • Does Parkman Recovery Center see clients with co-occurring diagnoses?
  • Can clients smoke tobacco on the grounds?

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