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Refer someone you care about to get the drug addiction treatment they need right here in Trumbull County, Ohio. Open 24 hours a day, call now to schedule a meeting or a tour of the facility with our management team.

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We accept Medicaid, select private insurance, and self-pay

The Client Process


Call to Schedule Treatment

Client or referrer contacts Parkman Recovery to schedule detox treatment by phone, web, or email.


Medical Evaluation & Clinical History

Clients complete a full clinical history and medical evaluation by medical professionals.


Medically Supervised Detox

Clients undergo medically supervised detox for 5-7 days, under the direct medical care of Dr. Lydon – a board-certified Addictionologist.


Assisted Recovery

Clients participate in daily group and individual counseling. Spacious accommodations include smart TVs, comfortable mattresses, and three daily restaurant-style meals. 24-hour nursing is provided to monitor progress and assist clients with withdrawal needs or complications.


Physician Evaluation

Client is medically cleared by physician and evaluated for transition into the next level of care where they continue their treatment and recovery efforts. Parkman Recovery recommends the best facility to suit the client's needs.


Extended Care

Parkman Recovery provides Extended Care, a long-term person-centered intensive program designed to meet the individual needs of the client. Group, individual, and family counseling are available as well as case management and nursing services.



Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board

Parkman has a long-standing relationship with Trumbull, and values their contribution and support.

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