Privacy Policy

The Organization shall insure the privacy of all clients at all sites. It is the Organization's priority to ensure that all clients feel their privacy is protected and the Organization is a safe place for them. As such, the Organization will take all reasonable efforts to protect client privacy.

The Organization does not require clients to waive their rights concerning treatment, payment, or health care operations in order to comply with HIPAA. Any incidents shall be reported immediately to senior staff for corrective action and disciplinary measures.

Notice of Privacy Practices

The Organization shall inform all clients of the Notice of Privacy Practices and make available upon request to all individuals as specified in this policy.

  • The Organization must accommodate all reasonable requests by clients to receive PHI by an alternative means or sent to an alternative location.
  • The client must provide The Organization with the specific address to the alternative location.
  • The Organization may determine how payment, if any, will be handled.
  • The individual has been or may be subjected to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence by that person; or
  • Treating the person as the personal representative could endanger the individual.